SEC 8.08.16 Minutes

SEC 8.08.16 Minutes

Call to Order: 2007 hrs.

Chair David Traynor: Present
Vice Chair Don Myers: Present
Treasurer Sean Treasure: Absent
Secretary Katherine Carter: Present

Region 1. Jacob Lamont: Present
Region 2. Benjamin Phelps: Absent
Region 3. John Brandmair: Present
Region 4. Adrian Wright: Absent
Region 5. Curtis Hart: Present
Region 6. Gavin Keefe: Present
Region 7. James Apker: Absent
Region 8. Ryan Johnson: Present

Call to Order

Roll Called.
Letter of Resignation from Amy White, received and read aloud.
Appointee to be named and voted on by the SEC committee.
We have quorum tonight, and can move forward with a vote.
Nomination to install Katherine Carter as the new Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Washington.


Motion to Approve.


No Justin Horrel on the call.

Financial Report

We have $738.55 currently in our campaign account financing fund.
These funds are earmarked directly to campaigns and is not to be used for general

There was discussion on it on the last meeting, using it for fundraising or equitable
distribution, and was decided to wait until post primary to decide where we will use
those funds.

A couple discussions have been had about using a portion of this to fund a video project
that would be for all of our state candidates to give them all a quick moment on the
camera and highlight what the LP is doing in our community.

The rest of the funds should be used to boost it online and see if we can get some

Other ideas or proposals for use of campaign funds?

None suggested.

Is asked if any other candidates who aren’t moving on after primaries will donate the
remaining amount of their campaign funds to the party, or other campaigns.
All funds that have remained post primaries can be donated to not for profit’s.
Jacob Lamont suggests that if other LP candidates are donating their remaining funds
to the party that he will also.

Creating a video for the party to use online and boost it, to “Get out the vote”
Agreed that it is a good use of the funds, and would be better served for a general

Type of video suggested

A showcase of the candidates moving onto the general election.
A short speaking point from each, photo of each, or a collective photo of the group.
Pull a few things out of the legislative platform that would be beneficial in gaining some
voters this time around.

Suggested that voiceovers would be better in order to have more control of the message
being presented, and would be easier for collection and creation of the video

Who should do the video?

Gavin Keefe is suggested.

How much will this video production cost?

Mr. Keefe suggests that he would only need travel cost covered, and general production

Suggested by Chairperson that an initial $350.00 be spent on Gavin Keefe’s travel
expenses and logistics.

Earmarking a 25% overhead on that, and the rest of the funds be put towards marketing
and ad placement.

Motion made,

All in favor, approved.

Still no Mr. Justin Horrel from Gary Johnson Campaign.

Good of the Order

Yard signs get ordered yet?

Have not heard back on the status of order placement.
Possible that they could have been and we just haven’t heard back from Colorado on
said sign ordering status.

Justin Horrel has informed us as of last evening, that we should get 400-500 yard signs
directly from the campaign, target arrival date yet to be determined.

Additionally, 250 shirts should be coming in by the end of the week.
A lot of job positions are available with the Gary Johnson Campaign now, including
communications director, outreach coordinator position, and a few more county

Anyone interested, or knows of anyone interested in such positions should be directed
to David Traynor and information will be sent to them.

A list of open positions received via email by David Traynor will be forwarded to SEC
persons following this call.

Any further business?

Hearing none, Chair makes a motion to adjourn.

Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned: 2026 hrs.

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