Party Goals

The State Executive Committee has set a series of goals for the party to be accomplished by 1/31/18 in 3 areas of focus:

Party Size and Growth

  1. Precinct Committee Officer saturation of 40% with representation in all 39 counties.
  2. Maintain chartered affiliates in all 39 counties in the state.
  3. Have over 150 trained volunteer activists.
  4. Have over 3,000 official paid members of the Libertarian Party of Washington.
  5. Achieve #1 per capita National Party membership.
  6. Win the 2020 National Convention for the State of Washington.

Electoral Success

  1. Elect 40 City Council members, School Board, or county level Libertarians – or at least one per county in some capacity.
  2. Recruit 50 Candidates for State Office elections in 2018, with early campaign support and organization preparation training.
  3. Win 2 contested primaries (this is when there is a R, D, and L on the ballot and the L gets at least 2nd place thus making it through to the general.) Steven Nielson won a contested primary in his 2014 LD race.
  4. Get more than 5% of the vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Legislative Success

  1. Draft a major piece of legislation aimed at reducing the size or scope of government and get it sponsored and on the floor for a vote in Olympia
  2. Establish a unified Issues Platform for candidates and the state party. Located here.
  3. Create a citizen lobby group of Libertarians.

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