New Leadership Elected, Changes Ahead, and a Fresh Start

New Leadership Elected, Changes Ahead, and a Fresh Start

On July 8th, 2017. The Libertarian Party of Washington State held the second part of the Cascade Liberty Summit dubbed Convention 2.0 in Kent, Washington at the Platform. A new leadership team formed with the election of Randy McGlenn as Chair, Tiffany Diaz De Leon as Vice Chair, Daniel Hodun as Secretary, and Charles Schaefer as Treasurer. In addition, Rob Stratton, Jason Constantino, and J. John Mills were elected to three year terms on the Judicial Committee. Fritz Sands was also elected to fill out the term of a previous member. Jason Constantino will now be the Chief Justice for the Judicial Committee.

I’m Daniel Hodun, the newly elected Washington State Secretay for the Libertarian Party of Washington State. I have quite a few goals in the short-term and long-term. Soon you should start seeing candidates featured within the next week who will be running for office throughout the state. It starts with local races and moving up from there. With new leadership it is time for a fresh start. As you have seen, this has gotten to be a bit dusty in here so a summer clean-up effort is going on. There will be a few changes such as ensuring social media access is featured.

There are some things that have been accomplished so far.
1) Leadership- page is updated to reflect current members and e-mail contact information.
2) Candidates – page has been updated to reflect new candidates
3) Clean-up – outdated information has been taken down and there will be more things to fix as we go along

More changes will be discussed at the next State SEC meeting to be held on August 12th, 2017. We will be pouring out 100% for liberty. We look forward to a bright future and hope people will take the torch of liberty to their communities, cities, and counties throughout the state.

In Liberty,

Daniel Hodun
Libertarian Party of Washington State