Meet a Candidate: Robert Motzer

Meet a Candidate: Robert Motzer

Robert Motzer is running for Lacey City Council Position 6.

As a little background: Robert Motzer is a blue collar, working, libertarian father of 4 that previously was in the active duty Army for a little over 8 years as military police and air defense launcher operator. He’s also an active volunteer in his community with a dog rescue, parrot rescue, homeless street feeds and community gardening for the Lacey, WA food bank.

I asked Robert a few questions to get a bit of background.

Me: What made you decide to run?

Robert: I decided to run because I didn’t like the way some of our current city leadership were treating our citizens and going back on their word. Trust and having open communications are a must. Once that’s broken you have nothing. I had strong support from my family and by a couple current council members so my decision to run now just made sense
Me: What previous experience do you bring to this position?

Me: What previous experience do you bring to this position?

Robert: I served over 8 years as an Active Duty Army military policemen and patriot air defense launcher operator so I have a strong belief in service to others. I want to take my national experience and translate that to the local level. I was a team leader and assistant squad leader while in the army. Now I work as a refuse truck driver and I am an active community volunteer with a dog rescue, parrot rescue, community gardening for the Lacey food bank and Saturday night street feeds for our homeless population. All of this experience I believe will help me represent the city of Lacey greatly.

Me: What are your top 3 priorities?

Robert: Veterans care, reduce taxes (b&o, depreciating business property, and property taxes), and public safety (police, first responders) and adding sidewalks to all our neighborhoods to protect our children walking to school) are my top 3 priorities.

Me: What do you plan to do to accomplish your top priorities

Robert: I plan to work with fellow city councilors, business leaders, citizens, first responders and veterans to come up with a 21st century model that will work for our tax payers.

When it comes to veterans we need to make sure we go from a fully city funded Lacey Veterans HUB to more of a 3rd party, privately funded, futuristic Veterans services center. I’ll work with the veterans hub, Lacey veterans, the USO and others to come up with a successful operation for future generations.

When it comes to taxes I believe it is fundamental to lower the taxes and put that money back where it belongs, the taxpayers. A reduction in taxes in conjunction with a reduction in land use laws will help spur growth in new businesses, more affordable housing, less homelessness as well as great paying jobs that all pay taxes. We need to start living within our means and get away from the “taxes are the only way” mentality.

Public safety I plan on working with our first responders, citizens and fellow leaders to figure out what their top wants are. We can not get everything but I know I’d like to see us putting sidewalks into our neighborhoods that don’t currently have them. I’m tired of having our children risk their safety walking to school daily on the same streets as cars that speed passed them. I’d also like to add a crosswalk, bridge or tunnel to connect saint Martin’s university to the woodland square district which is Lacey’s up and coming business center. This can be funded partly by the transportation tax that voters recently approved for our city. That tax is supposed to go towards sidewalks and roadway maintenance.

For candidates running for office, please feel free to drop an email to Daniel Hodun

For more information on Robert, please visit his Facebook page

Thank you to Robert for his time and his service.