Meet a Candidate: Kevin Isa Cline

Meet a Candidate: Kevin Isa Cline

Kevin Isa Cline is running in Long Beach for City Council Position 4. He had the following to say about his campaign.

About Kevin

Kevin “Isa” Cline moved to the peninsula from Tacoma, Washington several years ago and fell in love with community, having made Long Beach his permanent residence.

He attended one year of community college focusing on social work. He also attended Devry University for one year focusing on business.

He has an extensive career history in the nonprofit field at various levels (donor development, event planning, volunteer coordination etc.) and has served as a board of director on several nonprofits. Currently, he serves on the board for Huts for Hope in Klipsan Beach.

He is a part time executive director of Family Welfare Cooperative which provides support to families involved in the child welfare system; is the Program Planner for the Boys and Girls Club of Ilwaco; and volunteers for the local Big Brothers-Big Sisters Foundation.

Kevin is a fire fighter at Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department where he just finished a four-month EMT training class offered at Pacific County Fire District 1 in Ocean Park. He is training for NREMT and once complete, will be a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Isa and his daughter attend church locally at Ocean Beach Christian Fellowship and Ocean View Baptist.

Kevin Isa Cline is running in

Campaign Statement

Kevin is an independent candidate running a positive campaign and will stick to local issues. If the voters show their faith and trust by voting for him on November 7th, he will be a pragmatic addition to the Long Beach City Council focusing on getting work done on the important issues this city faces. He will be a council person for each and every long beach resident- voter or nonvoter, home owner or renter, upper income, middle class and the poor, those who live here full time, those with second homes here and those who visit, those with businesses in the city, consumers, and those who work here. “I have no agenda unless you count my passionate desire to work hard for my neighbors of long beach and do right by everyone doing the hard work of a city councilperson and valuing and defending your interests.”

Kevin is pragmatic and would rather work with than against, seeing no wins in being obstructive. He is a Christian who believes in science and loving thy neighbor. He believes in hard work and perseverance knowing that we all fall and need help back up. His extensive volunteer work shows his dedication to Long Beach. He values yours and your families wants, dreams, desires, and ideas. Let him fight for those by trusting him with your vote.

Why city council?

Kevin is running for Long Beach City Council because he seeks to advocate for the liberty and interests of all Long Beach residents. His leadership style blends pragmatism, working together to find solutions/common ground, and reasoned debate.

Why is he running for city council…a job that pays a couple hundred dollars a month at most? “I am running because I care about Long Beach and my fellow neighbors. I am running because I asked myself, if not me, then who? I am running because the city needs representatives who are not afraid to say ‘no’ when necessary and speak up and explain why. Most importantly, I am running to ensure that our children have a bright future. I don’t have a grand vision and I am not going to make big promises I can’t keep, but I will work hard and will take the job seriously.”

Less is better. In Kevin’s mind fewer laws mean a freer citizen. Less tax burden, less regulatory burden including zoning and other land use laws equals a freer citizen. This is the best way to ensure our children have what is needed to succeed in life.

Views and priorities:

1) Low taxes and fiscal restraint. Long Beach must have a balanced budget and seek out savings. I advocate against taking on debt (Municipal Bonds, loans, etc.) except in emergencies.

2) Property Rights. He favors challenging land use/permitting laws that burden homeowners and businesses, zoning policies that provide for the least amount of regulatory burden to business and citizen alike, and will challenge eminent domain use.

3) Against the Growth Management Act (GMA) and Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) where it creates unnecessary regulatory burdens on homeowners and business.

4) Law enforcement and the fire department are essential services and should receive adequate funding.

5) Basic city infrastructure, including maintenance of roads and sewer lines are important and necessary for the city.

6) Liberty- the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and civil liberties are important to Kevin. He will stay away from social issues and keep government on task and focused on efficiency.

What issues are important to the city?

1) Lack of employment especially full time non-seasonal decent wage jobs

2) Road deterioration due to road maintenance backlog going back decades

3) An economy over reliant on tourism dollars which means a town that suffers during the lean months which is like 9 months out of the year.

4) Adequate funding for public safety and our fire department to meet the challenges of a growing city and make us effective partners.

5) Long Beach is a rural beach city which historically has been home to mostly retired folks and those with second homes here. It’s a spot where tourists come to stay for the weekend here spending their dollars. Consequently, the city’s economy is built around that. That includes our local private sector employment and rental housing stock. In recent years, long Beach, like all other Long Beach Peninsula cities, has seen its population tick upwards bringing with them a myriad of challenges and causing growing pains and some resentment, some of it legitimate. People who are homeless have made their home here and are being joined by people who are newly homeless, straining a small network of social services agencies and a city without a social services budget.

6) Our city website needs to be updated. I am sure a few volunteers could be roped into donating a day of work to make our website work so much better for Long Beach Residents. May not seem like a big issue but it all boils down to communication.

7) Rental Housing Stock is too low to support the number of residents seeking suitable long-term rental housing.

How to address these concerns.

Kevin doesn’t want to be that candidate who pretends to have all the answers, but he also doesn’t want to trade that for generalities and platitudes. He understands that Long Beach is a low population, rural beach community and many of these issues have been problems for a long time- a consequence of a community growing and not being ready. There are no magical solutions and problems like lack of employment and rental housing to support the population here are not going to be solved overnight. It’s going to take a lot of people coming together and working hard towards solutions that will allow progress. It will likely mean some tough compromises. However, as a matter of principle there are areas Kevin will not budge on, such as forcing property owners to rent their properties long term. It’s possible that zoning laws and ordinances could be changed to allow the market the room it needs change over time.

At bare minimum, he advocates for these conversations to lean towards voluntary solutions and away from new laws that can often cause more problems than they intend to solve.

When it comes to issues like roads, there must be a basic understanding that a majority of the roads in Long Beach are in serious need of maintenance and there aren’t any good options. The Transportation Benefit District is prepared to place a measure on the ballot to raise money year over year to begin working on the maintenance backlog.

The options being discussed include a levy lid lift, two different property tax increases, a sales tax increase and raising money through car tab fees. None of these ideas are popular to a struggling populace whose wallets are already bare. Having looked at the current budget, he agrees that there isn’t much room for pairing back, and the city cannot continue to push off the badly needed maintenance. Kevin states that “we must all come together and decide through the power of the vote, which ‘Castor Oil concoction’ we, as a city, want to swallow to fund these repairs and get things back on track.”

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