LPWA Convention Business Session Rules – April 22, 2017

1. Except as otherwise set forth in the Party Constitution and Bylaws, or herein, Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the proceedings of the Convention.

2. The Teller Committee Chair will announce the total number of voting delegates attending the Convention after the Call to Order and after each recess if members announce their vacancy for the remainder of the session. The Teller Committee Chair will decide all disputes regarding Credentials. The Convention may override a decision of the Teller Chair by a 2/3 vote.

3. Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws or Platform and all Resolutions shall be delivered in writing to the LPWA Chair or the Secretary prior to consideration by the Convention. Subsidiary motions not exceeding fifty words in length may be made verbally.

4. Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, Program/Platform and Resolutions shall take effect immediately.

5. Discussion of all Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolution issues shall be in the following format: the Chair will recognize the Committee Chair or Resolution author for a period of not more than five minutes and then shall recognize one person in opposition. The Chair will continue to recognize speakers, alternating between pro and con positions. The Chair may terminate debate by calling for a vote after time expires or earlier, if in the judgment of the Chair, there is a preponderance of opinion on either side. Speakers must be recognized by the chair and then approach the microphone.

6. Delegates may nominate themselves for elected positions. Each nominee may address the delegation for up to two minutes with an additional two minutes for questions from the floor.

7. Upon 4/5 acceptance of the delegate body at convention, Elections wherein only one candidate has been nominated and accepted the nomination may proceed by voice acclamation, and will be recorded by the secretary as “elected by voice acclaimation”.

8. Motions to suspend the Convention Rules shall state the purpose, the time for suspension, not to exceed five minutes, must have a second, shall require a two- thirds vote of the Convention delegates and is not debatable.

9. Candidate endorsements. Candidates may request recognition by the Chair to seek the endorsement prior to convention or during the order of business. The priority of candidates to address the body shall be numerically by district in the following preference: County➔City➔School/Fire Etc. Endorsements shall be for 2017 races only.

Candidates or their representatives will be allowed 3 minutes to speak. Endorsement votes may be cast by voice unless a member of the delegation calls for division of the assembly.