Libertarians Rising in Washington! #RiseOfTheLibertarians

Libertarians Rising in Washington! #RiseOfTheLibertarians

Explosive Campaign Growth for the LPWA

Something exciting is happening in Washington state. The number of Libertarians and libertarians is increasing faster than ever before. Take a look at the number of LPWA candidates who have run for office over the past few years:

The number of Libertarian candidates over the years has increased and will continue on this trajectory. Along with the trajectory, our vote totals for all levels of elections have increased year over year as well.

In 2016 the LP almost became a major party. We almost broke through the arbitrary 5% threshold our authoritarian government decreed the decider for major party status. We were so close, but close doesn’t cut it.

Winning Skills

What does this mean for the LPWA moving forward? It means we need to learn the skills necessary to win. We must run for office ourselves and/or support other Libertarians we believe in who are running. We must lead by example, get involved locally, and gain the experience necessary to win (I know many of you reading this are already doing this, thank you.)
To teach potential candidates and advocates the skills needed to win, we have put together a full-day training course for the Sunday April 23rd, the final day of our Cascade Liberty Summit & Convention.

The LPWA’s annual Cascade Liberty Summit & Convention is April 21st-23rd in Moses Lake, WA. This is an amazing opportunity to meet, network and learn with other Libertarian candidates and advocates from around the state and the nation. If you are considering running for office, entering LP leadership, or wish to become a better Libertarian advocate, please join us! In addition to the Sunday training session, you’ll have a great time at our Friday Night Social and the Convention and Summit activities on Saturday.

LPWA Convention Weekend- Sunday Training Session

9am   Registration
10am Larry Sharpe – Building a Campaign or LP Organizational TEAM
11am Maggie Mae – Social Media and Prospecting Strategies
Noon  Lunch
1pm   Robert Parker – Challenging Local Government with the Records Act
2pm   Steven Nielson – Gaining Experience as a Candidate or Advocate

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