IT Division

IT Director & Webmaster

Pete Lower

Assistant IT Director


Web Developers

Timothy Retzlaff

Neeld Tanksley

Issac Powell

Tyler Couch

Jason Ferrier


IT Division general responsibilities:

  • Website Development & Operations. The IT Division is responsible for all aspects of the development of the Libertarian Party of Washington’s web presence.
  • Data Management. The goal of data management is to aggregate, maintain/update, cleanse and append all databases.
  • Modeling. The goal is to start forecasting different trends regarding politics within Washington as well as campaign outcomes based on all available information.
  • Mobile Technologies. The IT Division will develop and deploy new mobile technologies.
  • Vendor Integration. Work with service providers we need to ensure that their technologies are integrated with the Libertarian Party of Washington’s technologies.
  • Interface with other Divisions. The IT Division will work with other divisions within the Party.


Open Positions, Job Descriptions & Requirements


Assistant IT Director

– Responsible for assisting the IT Director in all aspects of the position. More info available on contact.

CRM & Subscription Manager

– Help us manage and maintain our CRM and mailing list. Training provided, will take up less than 5 hours a week. More info available on contact.

Security Developer

– Help us with implement the latest Internet security best practices. More info available on contact.

Front End Developer

– Help us beautify the LPWA online ecosystem! Build easily maintainable templates and move away from GUI builders. More info available on contact.


Join the IT Division Team!

There are several positions that need to be filled, and there are multiple opportunities to get involved with the IT Division. If you have ideas and are interested in helping don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact Us today.