Candidates Going onto November

Candidates Going onto November

After campaigning for the primary, three candidates made it through to the general election in November. I reached out to candidates in what they had to say about their primary  results.

Michelle Darnell came with 24% of the vote defeating Richard Knierim in a three way race for the 48th District Senate.

“Together we can rise above the duopoly and crony capitalism. We can build bridges, embrace our diversity and respect our differences and unite. We have a lot to do and this effort is not about me. It is about WE. We can and we must harness the power and ingenuity of the collective to restore liberty, justice and opportunity for all in this state. A win for one is a win for all. Thank you for your continued support. BE the change you wish to see. “

Paul Addis came out with 26% of the vote in a 4 way race for Kent City Council Position 2.

“I am happy to have made it through the Top-2 Primary for Kent City Council, and I’m looking forward to working just as hard for the General Election. I think the residents of Kent deserve a voice for limited government, lower taxes and more solutions that rely on voluntarism rather than force. Finding the best of these ideas from around the country and championing them in Kent will be a primary function of my campaign. Government works better when it facilitates rather than regulates. I want to promote a vision for Kent where a limited government serves the people, not special interests. After all, the only legitimate end of politics is people. I look forward to earning the voters’ confidence in Kent and realizing victory in November. Please visit to donate or sign up to volunteer.”


Jennifer Hesse came with 24% of the vote in a three way race for Everett City Council Position 3.

“I’m volunteering, sharing opportunities to help, and being present in the community. I thank Mike Luke and Josh Gilliland for helping and supporting me.”

There are more candidates that will be on the ballot in November that already made it into the general election. To find our more about candidates running for office, please visit our candidates page for links and to support them.