Candidate Support Committee

LPWA Candidate Support & Training provides Libertarian candidates with the resources & tools to instill confidence and develop competency in running a campaign for public office.

The four areas of support are:

Attitude: Attitude determines how well a candidate can sustain the motivation necessary to be consistent throughout the campaign during both the highs and lows of a months-long endeavor.

Communication: As a third party candidate, it is necessary to attract voters from different affiliations. Meeting voters where they are, instead of where you are, is a key to gaining their trust and support. Learning how to effectively communicate the message will not only instill confidence, but also broaden the campaign’s appeal.

Knowledge: Understanding basic concepts and practices will help minimize the discomfort of running for office, especially for first time candidates. Having resources available on the major issues, and libertarian solutions, will minimize the fear of the unknown. Having simple explanations regarding the process of declaring for office, submitting data to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), fundraising and the like will provide a roadmap for those administrative duties.

Action: While some candidates will have more funds than others, every candidate has the same amount of time during the campaign. Multiplying that time with a team of active volunteers will allow the campaign to expand its reach exponentially. Libertarian candidates will have access to a network of grass roots supporters across the state. From phone calling to doorbelling, there is no substitute for action.


It’s time to get something done for liberty in Washington state. This is how we do it. Please join us, and spread the word.

Interested in joining the Candidate Support Committee?
Please contact Paul Addis via the contact form below.
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